How to Stream From VLC to Chromecast 2

You can easily stream content from the internet to your Chromecast. However, casting local media to your TV is not that easy. That is why Chromecast fans of the world are waiting for VLC media player to add Chromecast support.

If VLC media player makes it possible to cast videos from their app, it will be really easy to cast movies and videos that we have stored on our computers and smartphones.

This is not really a limitation of Chromecast. The developers of VLC are yet to add this feature to their media player.

Is there a way to cast videos from VLC to Chromecast?

Yes! Almost.

VLC Player support for Chromecast is still in the early stages of development, but you can still use it. This article explains how use VLC player with Chromecast.

If you download and install the bleeding edge version of VLC Player for Windows, you can cast videos and audio files to your Chromecast connected TV.

However, remember that this is a beta product and you are likely to face issues while casting. To support the community and improve the product, please report bugs using the feedback option!

Note: This feature currently works only on VLC for Windows. If you are using any other operating system, such as MacOS, Linux or Android, you will need to wait for some more time!

Casting To Chromecast From VLC App

Here’s what you’ll need to get started!

  1. Download the latest nightly (highly experimental) version of VLC player for Windows from here.
  2. Install the VLC media player on your computer.
  3. Make sure that your Chromecast is turned on
  4. To find your Chromecast from VLC player, go to Video > Render > Scan.
  5. Now, go to Video > Renderer and select your Chromecast
  6. VLC might show an “Insecure site” prompt. If it does, click View certificate
  7. Click Accept Permanently
  8. Your video should now start playing on your Chromecast!

The Alternative Method – Cast Desktop

If you do not want to use the experimental version of VLC player (makes total sense, experimental builds will be buggy), there is a workaround to cast content from VLC player to your Chromecast.

The trick here is to cast the entire desktop of your computer while playing a video using VLC media player.

Here is how to do this:

  1. Open a Chrome tab and click the cast button. The cast menu is displayed.
  2. On the cast menu, click the menu icon on the top right corner.
  3. Choose Cast screen/window (experimental)
  4. You are now casting your entire desktop. If you have more than one monitor set up, Chromecast will ask you to choose the screen you want to cast.
  5. Play your video on VLC in full screen mode.
  6. Enjoy the video on your TV.

This Works on Android Too!

The current version of VLC player for Android does not support casting to Chromecast. This also, is a highly requested feature.

With Windows, we did screen mirroring. What about Android?

You can use the same workaround to cast from your Android phone too. Play video on your Android phone and cast the entire screen! This should mirror your phone’s screen on your Chromecast connected TV.

There are other methods, like certain Chrome extensions, to cast local videos from your computer to Chromecast. However, native Chromecast support on VLC seems to be something that all of us are waiting for!

Hope you are now able to cast your videos from VLC to Chromecast. If you have any questions, please drop us a comment and we will do our best to get them answered!

Got more questions on Chromecast 2 ? Send them to us using the Comments field and we will answer them in future articles!

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