How To Factory Reset Chromecast

Chromecast is a low-maintenance device. Most of the time, it just works. For those rare occasions where Chromecast gives you trouble, you can factory reset Chromecast to start over.

When do you require reset? The most common scenario is when you change WiFi network. I recently moved to a new home, where I set up a new router and WiFi network. Here, I had to reset my Chromecast to set it up again, on the new network. Before doing that, I reset my Chromecast to start fresh.

Another possible situation is when your Chromecast hangs or freezes. Here, try restarting your Chromecast first (turn it off and turn it on again) and if that does not help, reset your Chromecast.

Factory Reset Chromecast and Chromecast Ultra

Factory Reset Chromecast

Factory Reset Chromecast


  1. Go to the Devices tab on the Chromecast app.
  2. Touch the settings icon and choose Device settings.
  3. On the Device settings menu, touch the settings icon (three dots) again.
  4. Choose Factory reset Chromecast.


In case you are unable to reset Chromecast using the app, or the app cannot find the Chromecast on your network, use can use the button to reset Chromecast.


Press and hold the button for 20+ seconds to start the reset. Wait for the Chromecast to reset and show the set up screen on the TV. When Chromecast is waiting for set up, the light on the side will blink white.

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