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How To Factory Reset Chromecast

Chromecast is a low-maintenance device. Most of the time, it just works. For those rare occasions where Chromecast gives you trouble, you can factory reset Chromecast to start over. When do you require reset? The most common scenario is when you change WiFi network. I recently moved to a new home, where I set up a new […] Read More

How to Setup Chromecast Backdrops

Backdrops are images that appear on your Chromecast connected TV when you are not streaming any content. In a way, these are screensavers for your Chromecast. This article explains how to set up Chromecast backdrops. Google provides a bunch of curated images that you can select from. You can also show your own photos using […] Read More

How to Stream From VLC to Chromecast 2

You can easily stream content from the internet to your Chromecast. However, casting local media to your TV is not that easy. That is why Chromecast fans of the world are waiting for VLC media player to add Chromecast support. If VLC media player makes it possible to cast videos from their app, it will […] Read More

Chromecast 2 in India

Is Google Chromecast 2 available in India? Definitely yes! Chromecast 2 is available for purchase in India. Head over to and you will find Chromecast 2 and Chromecast Audio listed there. Chromecast 2 is available for purchase from following places: Buy Chromecast 2 in India – Google Store Flipkart Snap Deal PayTm Reliance Digital […] Read More